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A Message to our Choose Love Donors and Friends | COVID-19

Dear Donors and Friends:

COVID-19 has changed our lives forever. Although we are all at risk, most of us face the pandemic from the safety of our homes. But for others, there is no home. And they need our support more than ever.


After thoughtful consideration, we have decided to continue going out Tuesday's nights, following all protocols established by local, state, and federal agencies to ensure we protect our unhoused neighbors, community members, and volunteers the best way we can. 


Please help us continue our mission during COVID-19. This is how you can help, in order of urgency:


• Donate hand sanitizer, alcohol 70%, antibacterial soap, and paper towels. Also, let us know if you know distributors who could help us access these life-saving supplies.


• Make a financial contribution. Click the VOLUNTEER/DONATE button. Financial donations allow us to continue distributing food and water and purchase much-needed supplies on the spot.


• Share our message and needs on your social media. You can also share our FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM pages.


We are taking all necessary steps to protect our volunteers and surrounding communities by working with local agencies to understand arising needs, guidelines and protocol changes, and adapt accordingly. Please EMAIL US any questions or concerns.


Thank you for Choosing LOVE and for your continued support of our mission!

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